The prudent application of the right balance of “art and science” is critical for the successful, profitable solution to your real estate challenges.

   Quantifiable data, such as psychographics, drive-time analysis and lifestyle characteristics, are essential. And Levy Commercial Realty works with the nation’s leading customer analytics companies to obtain this information.

   But there’s an art to it as well. One must walk, touch and explore potential sites, as well as employ wisdom, expertise and instincts developed over many years. Only then can one gauge, test, compare, confirm and, ultimately, select the right sites.    Levy Commercial Realty brings it all together with the following services:






Strategic planning

A strategic plan for the successful national /international rollout of new retail concepts should incorporate:

  • Your goals
  • Exact assessment of the customer base (who, where and how to reach)
  • Type of location (mall, lifestyle center, destination, street exposure, etc.)
  • Expansion (target geographic area, number of stores, timeline, etc.)
  • Rent, construction costs, projected sales
  • Special challenges (parking, alcohol licensing, noise issues, etc.)
  • Needs for critical service providers (architect, attorney, general contractor, engineer, alcohol licensing, etc.)
  • Special considerations (e.g., resistance from existing distribution channels)
  • Management and coordination of team

Tenant representation

Levy Commercial Realty provides diligent, thorough representation for tenants:
  • Market tours/surveys
  • Demographics
  • Analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Recommendations
  • Site selection
  • Negotiations
  • Transaction management/ coordination, and more

Commercial & Investment Sales/Brokerage

Effective, productive commercial/investment sales require:

  • Analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Recommendations
  • Prepare purchase agreements
  • Negotiations

  • Transaction management/ coordination, and more

Professional Advisor

Perhaps your issue does not easily fit into the “usual” categories of real estate brokerage. Or, you need to be pointed in the right direction. Or you’re just looking for an honest, fresh perspective from a trusted source.

   The solution might be simple and virtually cost-free. Or it could require a complex, coordinated effort. The ability to recognize the difference is why clients call upon Levy Commercial Realty again and again for professional assistance.